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Marretje Adriaanse

With the successful completion of two Master’s degrees in Plant Science and Aquaculture & Marine Resource Management, I gained valuable experience in experimental design, fieldwork, laboratory techniques, data analysis, and scientific writing. My multidisciplinary education allows me to better understand the multi faced and complex sustainability issues our society is facing. I believe holistic solutions are required and that education is one of the most powerful tools at hand. I would like to use my skills to make a positive change through research, science communication and storytelling. I am a strong communicator, team player, facilitator, and organizer and have applied these qualities as a board member of multiple foundations and as an organizer of events. 



The Bark EUROPA is renowned for its regular transoceanic journeys, solidifying its reputation as a truly seaworthy vessel. As a researcher aboard, I actively contribute to the ongoing collaborative efforts with The Ocean Cleanup, focusing on the investigation of microplastics. In addition to my research duties, I actively participate in sailing tasks, and I extend my expertise by conducting biology lectures and workshops for guests. Through these educational sessions, my aim is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the marine environment among our onboard community.

Cleaning the manta trawl

Always around with my camera as the on-board photographer


Helping with sail handling

Sorting through the microplastic sieves

The ELPG actively collaborates with local NGOs in Northern Ghana to empower smallholder farmers through training in sustainable agricultural practices, enhancing their selfsufficiency. I provide strategic advice, manage communications and contribute to decisionmaking for effective and sustainable impact.

Weighing to determine BMI of the household

Studying the harvest

Team of translators


Kitu Kiblu offers half-day encounter trips, providing visitors with a safe, relaxed, and respectful opportunity to interact with whale sharks. Additionally, they provide internship programs for individuals interested in marine conservation looking to gain skills and experience working at sea.

I managed the day-to-day operations of the business, overseeing encounter trips that facilitate respectful and safe interactions between visitors and whale sharks. Additionally, I was responsable for the training and mentorship of interns.


 Training of interns

Whaleshark research

The Ropes of Hope

The goal of The Ropes of Hope is to halt the decline of the coral reefs at the Mafia Island Marine Park through a holistic approach. Furthermore, it strives to set up a gene bank for future research on spatial genetic variation and coral resilliance to climate change.

I contributed to coral restoration and research at Mafia Island Marine Park, involving tasks such as building coral nurseries through SCUBA diving and handling external communications, including website creation and social media strategy.

Coral nursery


Diergaarde Blijdorp is one of the Netherlands oldest zoo's and home to over 18.000 animals. As an aquarist at Blijdorp's Oceanium, I managed over 1000 species of marine life, providing training, care, and ensuring optimal water quality. I honed my skills in aquarium operations and gained insights into marine life intelligence. This experience not only deepened my appreciation for marine biodiversity but also enhanced my proficiency in animal care and teamwork.

The sharktunnel, containing 3375 m³ of sea water houses.

Behind the scenes Blijdorp does coral research.

Rays are trained to be handfed so we can keep a close eye on their health.

Behind the scenes a large team makes sure everything runs smoothly!


REEFOLUTION is dedicated to coral reef restoration through the development and deployment of 3D-printed structures that mimic natural reef conditions, fostering the growth of resilient and biodiverse marine ecosystems. The organization collaborates with local communities and utilizes citizen science, combining innovative technology with community engagement to address the challenges faced by coral reefs and promote their sustainable recovery.

I led and trained the education team by assisting them in developing the educational program on marine biology for local schools, emphasizing the importance of coral reef conservation. Additionally, I assisted with experiments through SCUBA diving.

Teaching kids about biodiversity of turtles of the region.

Learning through games.

In a workshop on fish anatomy, toys are created from recycled trash.


The Boerengroep (Peasant Foundation) is a student foundation at Wageningen University that aims to connect the university with the reality and challenges faced by farmers. In this way, they advocate for social, just, and sustainable food production.

I organized events, facilitated debates, and coordinated excursions, serving as the director and project leader for the production of a documentary on the Dutch agricultural policy.

Shooting day

Farmer protests

Organizing events and debates



Wageningen University  and Research


MSc Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management

Specialisation: Marine Resources and Ecology
Minor: Ecological modelling
Thesis: “Developing a mathematical model to predict production and clearance rates of the sponge C. reniformis in an IMTA-system in Turkey”. I developed a model using data collected during fieldwork in Turkey. Fieldwork included measuring sponge respiration and growth over time under different depths through SCUBA diving.


Wageningen University  and Research


MSc Plant Science

Specialisation: Natural Resource Management
Minor: Ecological modelling
Thesis: The difference in food security between smallholder farmers applying compost or mineral fertilizers in Northern Ghana”. I set up a new study in Ghana. Fieldwork included approaching and interviewing farmers, soil sampling, crop analysis, and household health measurements.
Internship at NGO “de Boerengroep” (science communication).


Utrecht University

BSc Biology

Specialisation: Ecology
Thesis: “A study on the correlations between the nematode community and primary decomposers in the soil ecosystem of the nature area de Mossel”. Fieldwork in the Netherlands included soil sampling and laboratory work (PCR).


PADI Rescue Diver
PADI Coral Restoration Specialty
EFR Primary and Secondary Care
VMT (Safe Microbiological Techniques)
Manual drivers licence