Here you can find media appearances, articles and theses.


2020 – Wageningen University – Chairgroups Marine Animal Ecology & Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
Developing a mathematical model to predict production and clearance rates of the sponge C. reniformis in an IMTA-system in Turkey.

2019 – Wageningen University – Chairgroup  Farming Systems Ecology
The difference in food security between smallholder farmers applying compost or mineral fertilizers in Northern Ghana.

2014 – Utrecht University & Wageningen University – Chairgroup  Laboratory of Nematology
A study on the correlations between the nematode community and primary decomposers in the soil ecosystem of the nature area de Mossel


2019 - Magazine Bodem

Kan compost de kleine boer in Noord-Ghana helpen?

A summery of my Master Thesis on food security for rural farmers in Ghana (in Dutch).

2018 - Magazine Resource

Diving in Turkey

Interview on my fieldwork in Turkey (in Dutch).